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The Closed Gate


Fingers are still, but shoulders are moving…mind is disturbed and motions are silent. Sound is disturbing the edges of thought. Time is changing like never before. Breath has been shortened to wounds. But life seems to be very long. I am high still with the wind. The flow is changing like in worry. There are friends and bags to take with. But where are you starching me uncomfortably. Time is a wife who never waits for the time. It seems like you are stuck. Walking blind shows me nothing, but a wave of knees took me here. The stick of match is still laying on the ground. There are clouds of smoke in the room. Its so difficult to talk about you…but I never counted my heartbeat. Time has taken beautify before of me. But it seems like you have also gone blind. Beauty of butterfly was never so close but I can feel the color feeding away. Wings are still strong but the color has gone with you. I have to fight for the ending to the gate. I saw you still awake. And the gate.

Long Long time ago


i Wish i could go back in time and play video game by bunking my sports class....i wish a time that i spent praying with my hands closed enough to catch the sweat of my little age. .....i still remember the sound of freedom coming from a metal that gave me energy to packup untouched world of imagination into a small bag of canvas. i always wondered how small skirt a girl can wear.... i always wondered how long i can run after the candies of books....i always wondered how lovely this world would be after this rules and regulations. ..;... i never thought i am loosing a close touch...i never imagined a friend can be lost so easily....i forgotten you my school....i lost you with the time ......why the hell this race of BREATHING for the life is not ending. ........why do i have to forget you my dear.

sandeep mehla
K V 2, Sec D comm
batch: 1999

A page of the Book


The changing season of earth takes all the kind towards an unpredictable period of illusion that it’s so hard to believe the beauty of the sunrise. You have grown like the same road in the desert on where only few have walked but now it’s broken and disturbed and still young enough to take you to the destination. The centre is unknown to you and to everybody. But even flowing water makes the hardest stones to roll with soft and smooth corners. It’s so restless and uncontrollable that you make it more worse with the time. The stone has been shrunk from its original size. The wind is changed and the sky is broken down into pieces of clouds. The road is still empty and there is a long way to walk. Remembering the time and the change in time it only takes a breath to change the life of an unknown soldier to die. The broken mountain can see all the trees coming down with it but who told them to grow on it. You even have flown with river but river is not flowing with you. You have been stuck in some corner of the ground and there is no place to go ahead. The road will still take you there but why it has become so difficult to walk on this beauty. Ohh God give me sand, give air, give water but don’t turn the page.

Don't know why you're smiling


Have you ever realized a little smile or may be a silent face without welcoming any next question to your mind. What makes you to feel like you were never being a part of this old tree that has got no new leaf to be born? Life is still with you. You are still the same old road which will take to the same old three kings’ chapel. A silent wind is blowing through the window of colorful glasses. Did you see that facial expression in front of the reflection? It was fake? The truth is still like an unborn chicken in an egg. It will depend on only you which one do you want to be hatched. Did you hear the sound of unborn chicken in the egg. He is also calling for the life. But what makes you to control this power. Some people call it sin. But I call it freedom. Something which you can control like the road to the chapel and road to your garden of sweet lily’s. Its not decided and nobody will decide unless you. But something is called “PRECIOUS”. Something that can never leave you apart from your life. And you realize the happiness in the pain. This garden was never green before like this but I don’t see any lily’s. but why there are so many people. Are these people for me or they want to go to the chapel? Give a word to this hungry desert and take the most sacred water drop by him.



Fascinating world of this lifeless toys attract me to be a part of them. Life is not going so slow but they are shouting a lot to get my attention. Truth is unknown to us but a boundation of carrying to continue is living with us. You see the centre of the earth in that thing that you were totally unfamiliar with. But soon you realize that the centre has become the full stop of your life. Why to end this continuation. Are you tired of walking or you don’t want to walk? This light is born from beginning and there is no end to it until these eyes closes for…….. forever. It is a sparkling glow that is fascinating you, living apart from all of the rest and taking you to a mysteries world of miracles where you forget about the real light and run behind little fire flies of pain. How can you think so small after facing the real? Don’t tell me that you are scared of touching this unlimited light or you want a FULL STOP TO IT.

Class of our own


Life is a part of experience that you share with life, isn’t it strange. I mean how you can share something with someone from whom you have learned everything. Thank you the lord for this white blind life. Blind but life. I can see everything but I am not blind. How can you examine yourself when there is no teacher rather then you? You are the only student of this class and you are the only teacher. It depends on only you what subjects you want to study. Some people are busy with this easy going subject of dreams. They live in the life of dreams and never get to know when there studies are over. And time to leave this class room. They told me to go for this easy one. When you look at the cloudy sky with only small portion of real sky visible. What do you want to see? A small leaf throwing itself with this hard wind but still growing towards the untouched sky under this sun. Don’t you feel a difference? Don’t you want to go to the reality? I know they will fall apart after some time but can you tell me how long can you hold.

Monk and The Soldier


Its just a flick of second between life and death. But if u don’t die what are u left behind. I can feel a never-ending pain that is coming from dark color of the blue sky but without any rain. Do u still feel. Do you remember the first touch of the leaf under the sun? How soft and touching it was. A small touch moved the two different horizons in the same direction. The smell. First to the bounded world of your own. A different smell. Change is life. But what is the change. Change that thundered your beginning up to the end. You have forgotten every small change in your life. What is the power? I turn to look back where I was. But it was gone. I melt the iron. But I didn’t get the time where I was. Now its just a laughing monk looking at me but nothing to loose and nothing to gain. What is this? Is this a stage where I can ask for something,. Where I can talk to something but what is the end of all these mysteries play. Still I can here that voice that thundered me from top to the bottom. But is there any reflection on the other side of the shadow. Now you are in other world and your soul in other. And the end of this beginning has started.

Here I am

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